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I can pinpoint a genuine interest in construction and how things are built dating back to my early tree fort building days growing up in San Angelo. When I left Texas A & M with my Construction Science degree in 1987 I headed for Houston and proceeded to learn the profession of homebuilding, first as a field superintendent and then working my way up to project, division and city manager for some of Houston’s best known large-volume and custom homebuilding companies.

I built over 400 homes in the process and then managed the construction of another 300 custom homes and townhomes as the co-owner of a development and construction company for 10 years specializing in Houston’s inner loop and in-town neighborhoods.

Throughout those years, I have lived in four homes that I have built for myself, including our current house, and I am constantly thinking about how modern families live and what can be done in the design and construction process to improve the quality of my homeowner’s lives.

Greg and I have worked hard to define a company that would specialize in leveraging our combined passion for this great profession with a desire to maximize the quality of our own lives and that of our families through the way we work and what we do.

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Greg East


In addition to being the son of the best salesman I know, I think I really caught the sales bug when I won a transistor radio for selling the most tickets to the Mobile Christian School fish fry in the 2nd grade. My dad was transferred to Houston in 1970 to run a division of a national building products company and by the time I got my marketing degree from Harding University in 1983 he had started his own window and building products company and I had the good fortune of working with a great mentor for the next 8 years.

Since the close of that business in the early 90’s I have sold everything from property and casualty insurance to mirror and marble to homebuilders throughout Houston. I was lucky enough to meet Bruce through a mutual friend in the industry and eventually worked for him as a Marketing Director and Development Coordinator when he ran a much larger company.

I have the rare good fortune of working with one of my closest friends every day and although we each bring different skills to our collaboration we both share a passion for constant learning and improvement in what we do. We have created a company that has been set up to utilize the over 100 years of experience our team has in the practical business of homebuilding while using all of the modern efficiencies and technology available to today’s homebuilder.

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Rick Wayne


From a young age I can remember having an interest in how things were built. I enjoyed building forts and models, with little help from others. At age 8, while “helping” fix a desk drawer in the garage with my dad, I quickly found myself alone finishing the project, as my father became frustrated with the process and left to call a friend for guidance. While he was on the phone I was able to restore the drawer to its original working condition. It was from that day on that I became known as the handyman of the house. Somehow, I had a natural ability to fix, repair, and build almost anything. It wasn’t until college, however, that I discovered the Construction Management programand the opportunity of a career using my natural skills and abilities and doing what I ultimately had a passion to pursue .

After completing my degree at Arizona State University, I began working for a home remodeling companyin the Los Angeles area. We built in many prestigious neighborhoods, such asbMalibu, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. While in California I learned high – end construction from the ground up, from finishing concrete to roofing, and from framing to cabinet making. After moving to Houston in 1998 I worked for national and local home builders. It was with one of these local builders where I met Bruce Winfrey. I worked for Bruce as their Custom Home Division President for 4 years. Bruce and I remained friends and business advisers as we both started our own inner loop custom homebuilding companies. From custom homebuilding I ventured into commercial real estate development including boutique medical facilities, adaptive reuse developments, and value – added commercial redevelopment. Bruce offered me an opportunity to join his team and get back to my roots and to the segment of construction that I truly love and feel is my calling; Luxury Custom Homes. I look forward to working with our clients, as we design and build unique and innovative Luxury Custom Homes in the Houston market.

Cory June


Growing up I always wanted to be an engineer like my father and grandfather. While still in high school I began working at a small architectural and engineering firm in Houston, primarily as a structural drafter and eventually out in the field conducting the structural inspections. My time in the field was very illuminating – over the course of 8 years I conducted thousands of inspections which eventually led me to discover that construction was my true passion, not engineering. In 2021, after much internal debate, I decided to change my major from civil engineering to construction management and haven’t looked back since. Later that same year during a routine framing inspection I met Rick Wayne, a senior project manager here at Winfrey Design Build, and after some discussion he suggested I interview for an open position at WDB. Leaving my previous job that I held for 8 years was not an easy decision to make, but not a day goes by that I regret that choice. Working here has been a blessing and I am extremely grateful to be able to work with and learn from some of the best builders in the industry.

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My goal is to give you the best products and craftsmanship within a unique efficient design framework while leveraging my passion for quality construction through hands-on attention to every detail. Ultimately, I want to create the best environment for your family to live in by creating an enjoyable, collaborative experience that you will rave about to your friends.

Our beautiful future home was almost complete when our Realtor showed it to us and it did not take us long to decide that the custom home Bruce had built would be a great setting for the next stage of our lives. He worked quickly to integrate our final selections and meet our desired closing schedule. The transition to living in town was certainly hastened by the comfort our family found in the house Bruce had designed and built.”

Nic and Stacy,
Royden Oaks

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